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The Person behind Wingtipdesigns


Hello and welcome to my site!

I am an primarily traditional artist that also occasionally does digital work. I have been creating art since I was a young child, and professionally since about 2010. Several years ago I sold at my first dealers den at Furpoc 2016. After that I carried on to sell at several more cons, also returning each year to Furpoc to sell once again. I enjoy the dealers den atmosphere and the excitement and challenge of selling.

Working on, and selling art is one of my three jobs. I also in the past year obtained my Bachelors of Psychology and plan to enter graduate school to move forward to becoming a Therapist. I currently work in the school environment as a Behavioral Health Professional. I also work under the wing of a Doctor in Psychology administering various neuropsych and psychological tests. 

I am a mom of one wonderful six year old child, and a wife to one absolutely awesome husband (who also participates in the fandom!). I am also a fellow fursuiter and enjoy attending various events, charities and etc in costume. I have several hobbies including playing the harp, collecting things such as Pokemon cards and Virtual pets (think Tamagotchis), and trying new things!

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